How to Easily Pair Your Xfinity Remote to a TV

Are you struggling with pairing your Xfinity remote with your TV? Don’t worry! This simple guide will explain the steps you’ll need to take to pair it correctly and get back to watching your favorite shows quickly.

First Steps

  1. Find the “Setup” button on the back of your Xfinity remote control. It should be near the top right corner of the remote, beneath the bottom left corner, and on both sides near the arrow buttons.

2. Once you’ve located it, press and hold down this button for about three seconds until all four corners of the screen flash blue once again.

3. Now release the button and stop pressing any other buttons on your remote until prompted by an on-screen prompt from your TV or cable box.

Pairing Your Remote to Your TV

  1. Make sure that both devices – your TV and Xfinity remote – are turned on and nearby (within 20 feet).

2. Locate the code list that came with either your TV or Xfinity remote control, depending on what type of device you’re trying to pair it with, as each type requires a different set of codes to work properly.

3. Select one code from either list that corresponds to the make/model of your device (e.g., Samsung/LG). Then press “Enter” or “OK” on your Xfinity remote while pointing at the device’s IR emitter (IR stands for InfraRed). This is typically located around or near the center of the front side of most modern TVs or cable boxes and looks like an eye or small circle made out of metal ridges shaped like a grainy pattern running across its circumference.

4. If successful, this should result in a confirmation message popping up on the screen asking you if you want to save this code as well as any other codes associated with similar devices for future use – select yes if so desired; otherwise, select no if needed at this time as some devices require separate pairing setup processes when used together (such as when linking multiple HDMI ports together).

5. Repeat these same steps for all additional devices wishing to be connected via their respective IR emitters until all desired connections have been established successfully before moving onto any further programming/setup procedures required afterward such as setting up universal controls or video output settings etc …

Final Steps

1. Locate and press any function keys such as volume control, channel switching, Input selection, etc … then check if they are working correctly now that all connections have been successfully established first before continuing further into other programming instructions required afterward; such as customizing certain controls for more convenience, etc…

2. Finally ensure that no visible obstructions are blocking between both sources (i.e., between each corresponding infrared receiver from both ends) which could interfere with signal strength before completing this final step – test everything out one final time before shutting off power supplies!

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Hopefully, after reading through our simple guide you should now know how to pair an Xfinity Remote To TV! Enjoy watching some great shows with ease now that you’ve conquered this challenge!