Pull Off the Bank Robbery in Stickman

A new survey commissioned by Sky HISTORY, to accompany the series Greatest Heists With Pierce Brosnan, found that almost one in eight people believe they could pull off a bank heist. But what would it take?

Russell Gewirtz wasn’t a writer, nor had he been to film school. But he liked to think about the perfect heist every time he passed an empty bank building on his way to work.

The Plan

When a group of ordinary citizens attempt to pull off a crime as daring as a bank robbery, the stakes are high. Nine law-abiding citizens are tasked with orchestrating the perfect heist – taking a million pounds from under the noses of a crack team of detectives.

Steal cash, jewelry, gold and other valuable items in this robbery mission. Keep track of the direction and hints as these will help you get through this challenging game. You must make your moves fast as you only have a limited time to rob this bank!

Dirty deeds, clean getaways and the price paid for ill-gotten gains. This dazzling new series takes us behind the scenes of some of history’s most spectacular heists and shows how it all came together in the end. Each heist is told over two episodes, giving viewers a fast-paced taste of the planning and execution. The first episode reveals how the targets were chosen and the meticulous planning that followed, while the second episode explains how the heist went down.

The Robbery

The gang arrives at the bank in a stolen city work van, which they park in front of the front doors to screen their entrance. Inside, the gang overpowers the courier and begins their job. Coughlin and Gloansy grab the drawers full of money, but are careful not to take wads with dye packs in them.

Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Adam Frawley and his partner Dino Ciampa arrive at the crime scene to look over the evidence. They note that the robbers bleached the entire place to destroy any clothing fibers that might help them identify the thieves.

While the graphics are crude and the programming kludgey by modern standards, there’s something to be said for this old-school internet wackiness. The plotting may not reach the level of Law and Order: SVU, but it’s still fun to watch these smiling stick-people investigate crimes that mean business. Stick Games are the games in the series. Ted as a witness in the Lawyered Up ending of Escaped the Prison, and Winston as a Toppat Clan member in Infiltrating the Complex.

The Escape

As the gang escapes, they are forced to rethink their plans. Depending on which order you watch, it may seem that RJ doesn’t make it through the heist (along with Judy strangling him). But Bob isn’t dead: Thanks to a brutal scene involving a pen and more will to live than anyone should have, he gives himself a tracheotomy and survives.

As they continue to run from the Feds, the heist members turn on each other. Hannah discovers the country club necklace isn’t in the vault, and Leo knows where it is.

Ray’s big motivation for the heist was to get revenge on Roger, who killed his wife in a botched country club heist. He makes a deal with the owner of the security firm that stored the bonds, and gets his revenge. Unfortunately, it appears Leo didn’t get the bonds either. He’s alive, but living with a condition that looks a lot like Parkinson’s.

The Final Heist

Taking down the bank is easy enough, but escaping with the money is the real challenge. You’ll have to dodge laser beams and CCTV cameras watching every move you make, and a wrong step can be deadly. Steal cash, jewelry, gold and other precious items to complete this heist escape mission.

You’ll find yourself gunning down SWAT teams as they flood into the bank, using ziplines to evade security guards, and even setting up spiked cake in the employee lounge to neutralize them. All of this is incredibly satisfying, and it’s made even better by the fact that your getaway driver backs his van straight through the building for a narrow escape down the subway.

This is a must-have for fans of GTA V, and it’s well worth the download. If you enjoy this game, check out some of our other titles: FPS Shooter Games and Police Chase Car Driving Games. And don’t forget to leave a rating or review!